Our story

My name is Matt correale I am from boston Massachusetts, I was raised up took part in the family business of general contracting doing anything from kitchen and bathroom remodels to building new houses from the ground up. I started trying out some woodworking projects around September of 2022 and instantly loved it and I am so excited to see what the future holds and where I can take it, but to be where I am today I would like to give a big thanks to my family and friends that have given me so much support and confidence to take my work to the next level. These people have helped me in more ways than I can imagine and i would not be where I am without any of them. From my father ray, my grandfather also ray, and brother Paul for teaching me most of the skills I use to this day to make the products I do. My mother Lisa, nana, and sister Gia for always giving me the support for the projects I am working on. My brother max for helping me out with projects from painting to waxing cutting boards he is always excited to help. And my girlfriend Kendra who always has my back and puts up with me day in and day out running around like crazy coming up with more ideas for projects. I wish I could say more and name a few more but this only lets me say so much, thank you for your support I couldn’t do it without you all.